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Metal Building Insulation

Provides Energy Cost Savings and Improves Interior Comfort

Our leading reflective industrial building insulation and radiant heat barrier products: AstroShield, Astro-Armour, and R+HEATSHIELD reduce radiant heat transfer, provide energy cost savings and improve interior comfort. Reflective insulation and radiant barrier products block 95 percent of radiant heat, which keeps spaces cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, as well as keeping costs down.

AstroShield (previously known as Astro Foil) is composed of one or two layers of polyethylene bubble that is sandwiched between two reflective sheets, one or both of which are composed of a strong metalized aluminum polyester film.

Astro-Armour is made with high density polyethylene foam sandwiched between a white woven polyethylene with U.V. and thermal inhibitors on one side, and a highly reflective metalized film on the other side.

R +HEATSHIELD is a radiant heat barrier insulation made from woven polyethylene film covered with metalized aluminum film.

The main difference between reflective insulation (RI) and radiant heat barrier (RB) products is the application. Reflective insulation core consists of air spaces between the reflective surfaces and is typically installed in building envelopes as a primary insulation. In some circumstances it is installed in combination with mass insulation to improve the R-Value and performance by creating a hybrid insulation system. Radiant barriers are used to help stop heat gain and heat loss in a structure without adding additional R-Value. Reflective insulation and radiant barrier can be used as vapor barriers in a building envelope.

Pole barns and pre-engineered steel buildings are a perfect application for our metal building insulation because they keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while also providing a vapor barrier to help reduce condensation.

Benefits of Metal Building Insulation

Benefits of Our Reflective Insulation Products:

  • Cut energy costs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve interior comfort
  • Deliver excellent thermal performance
  • Reduce condensation
  • Easy to install; no special handling or breathing protection required
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Metal Building Insulation Product Uses

Uses for Foil Faced Insulation & Radiant Heat Barrier Products

Installation Guide Instructions


I.E.'s industrial insulation materials are ideal in the following applications

industrial insulation materials

  1. Install reflective insulation AstroShield or R+HEATSHIELD products over purlins and girts to reduce condensation, prevent heat gain during summer months and reduce heat loss during winter months.
  2. Install AstroShield products on the bottom of trusses or exposed ceilings to prevent heat build-up during the summer and reduce heating costs during the winter.
  3. Seal your ducts by wrapping them with AstroShield. You will minimize energy use by keeping the air flowing through the registers, not escaping into unwanted areas.
  4. Keep your garage temperature more comfortable year-round with a Garage Door Insulation Kit.
  5. Use AstroShield industrial insulation products on exterior walls in post-frame and pre-engineered metal buildings to cut energy costs, reduce condensation and prevent heat gain or loss.
  6. Lay Tuff Stuff thermal moisture barrier under concrete slabs (radiant heated or unheated) to reduce heat loss and prevent ground moisture transfer. Provides a radon barrier, too.

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Although AstroShield products have UV and thermal blockers built in to the structures, the warranty does not cover installation in open or exposed applications such as lean-to's and open sided animal confinement buildings.

Applications where chemicals and off gassing products are present may void the warranty.

See full warranty details here.