Reflective insulation can help reduce utility bills this winter

Innovative Energy’s R+HEATSHIELD HD radiant barrier blocks 95 percent of radiant heat, helping to keep interior spaces more comfortable year ‘round.

No one needs outrageous utility bills taking money out of their wallets during the holiday season. But this winter, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projects the average household heating expenditures for natural gas, electricity, propane and heating oil will either increase or remain close to last year’s highs.

One way to help save on energy bills with any heated building is to make sure proper insulation is installed. Whereas mass insulation merely slows down the transfer of radiant heat, reflective insulation and radiant barriers actually reflect this heat away. This improves the overall thermal performance, reduces energy consumption and provides building owners with excellent energy savings.

Reflective insulation products can be installed in place of, or in conjunction with, mass insulation products. Install reflective products like AstroShield, astroECO or R+HEATSHIELD HD radiant barrier in your attic to prevent heat build-up during summer and reduce heat loss during winter. Or use these products in your sidewalls to create a more efficient building envelope. Learn more about reflective insulation by clicking here.

Innovative Energy offers the most complete line of reflective products — from materials for the building industry to materials for automotive, agricultural and packaging applications. With a wealth of technical expertise, Innovative Energy representatives are always available to direct customers to the products that best fulfill their needs and requirements.

To view the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s full Short-Term Energy Outlook, click here. For more information about reflective insulation products from Innovative Energy that can help reduce your energy costs year ‘round in virtually any type of structure, visit or follow Innovative Energy on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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