How to Ship Food & Other Perishable Items

Whether shipping food or perishable across town or across country, with the right materials and planning, you can send them safely. Foods like chocolate, cheese and fruit need to maintain a certain temperature in order to keep their quality and arrive in pristine condition.

The temperature at the point of delivery on the day of delivery is what you need to keep in mind. If that temperature will be 80 degrees F (or warmer), use cold packs or dry ice and ship in an expedited manner.

Start with placing packing material around the container so it isn’t subject to shocks. InsulTote bubble wrap insulation box liners are designed to protect your food from normal vibration and bouncing during transit as well as shielding the product from heat or cold.

Here’s a look at InsulTote’s box liners for shipping food and other perishable items.

Stay tuned for step-by-step instructions on shipping items like chocolate, cheese, fruits, vegetables and flowers. Visit for your insulated packaging needs and more shipping solutions.