How to Ship Chocolate, Confections or Cheese

Shipping Chocolate

Chocolate melts at 100°F or 36°C, and it softens at 80°F or 26°C. Chocolate can be melted and re-melted hundreds of times without it affecting the taste. But softening will change the shape! If you do not want any softening, use dry ice and an insulated container liner.

  • Step-by-Step to Ship Chocolate, Confections or Cheese:
    1. Prepare confections, chocolate or cheese by refrigerating before shipping.
    2. Wrap it in parchment paper or similar material. Chocolate must also be put into a sealed container to protect it from moisture.
    3. Choose a box two to three times the size of the food being shipped for additional protection from mishandling and temperature changes.
    4. Protect the food with an InsulTote insulated bubble wrap box liner; this product acts as a heat deflector and insulator while keep your product snug. InsulTote offers many sizes of box liners — no minimum order required.
    5. Fill the box with additional packing material such as packing peanuts to stabilize the box.
    6. Add cold packs. Expected delivery time and heat experience during transit will dictate the size and number of packs. A small box (9 x 6.5 x 4) may need just one 2-4 oz. cold pack. Put the cold pack in a sealable plastic bag or wrap it in newspaper to help insure it doesn’t sweat on your package.
    7. Tape the box around all seams so that the cold air doesn’t get out and the hot air doesn’t get in.
    8. Address the box and write “Keep Refrigerated” on the box so the recipient knows to put the contents into the fridge as soon as they get it.
    9. Ship the package overnight, preferably at the beginning of the week to lessen the chance that your package will sit on a loading dock over the weekend. Take into consideration the climate conditions of the destination. If you are shipping foods, especially chocolate, someplace warm, speed is of the essence. If the package is going to a cool area, the urgency is not as great.

Some customers may not want to pay a premium for overnight shipping; if you offer 2-3 day shipping, be sensitive to the weather.

Stay tuned for step-by-step instructions on shipping fruits and vegetables. Visit for your insulated packaging needs and more shipping solutions.