Innovative Energy to show off insulated packaging products at Sweets & Snacks Expo


The 2012 Sweets & Snacks Expo takes place in Chicago May 8-10

Innovative Energy will occupy booth No. 287 at the Sweets & Snacks Expo being held at McCormick Place in Chicago May 8-10. A variety of Innovative Energy’s InsulTote(R) line of insulated packaging products will be on display including insulated box liners, pouches and boxes. Samples of these items as well as product brochures will also be available. This year’s Sweets & Snack Expo is expected to be the largest ever, with some 540 companies exhibiting and a total attendance of over 14,000 industry professionals anticipated.

Innovative Energy products are made with a reflective surface which reduces heat loss or gain helping keep your items at a more desirable temperature. Representatives will be on hand to inform attendees about the benefits of reflective insulation and answer questions. For more information on the Sweets & Snacks Expo, visit For more information about Innovative Energy’s insulated packaging products, visit or call 800-776-3645.

How do reflective insulation products work in buildings?

Innovative Energy's astroECO reflective insulation

Radiant heat is one of the three ways that heat is transferred, and it is the primary mode of heat transfer in buildings. It occurs when infrared rays cross air spaces from one surface to another. Whereas mass insulation slows down heat transfer, reflective insulation and radiant barrier products feature a highly reflective film that can block up to 97 percent of radiant heat transfer, therefore improving overall thermal performance.

Reflective insulation products incorporate the insulating qualities of trapped air spaces in the core material sandwiched between the two reflective surfaces to create a material that reduces heat transfer. Radiant barriers typically come in sheets with a highly reflective surface on one or both sides, depending upon the application.

The main difference between a radiant barrier and a reflective insulation product relates to the way in which it is installed. Reflective insulations are typically installed within cavities that incorporate air spaces between the insulation and the cavity materials, as in a wall. Radiant barriers are typically installed with one reflective surface facing a large open air space, such as in an attic. To learn more, click here.

Overall benefits of reflective insulation and radiant barrier products include:

  • Reduced energy consumption and costs
  • Improved interior comfort
  • Thin and lightweight products
  • Easy and safe to install; no special tools or protective clothing required
  • Products available for virtually any structure

Innovative Energy offers the most complete line of reflective insulation products — from products for the building industry to materials for OEM and packaging applications. With a wealth of technical expertise, Innovative Energy representatives are always available to direct customers to the products that best fulfill their needs and requirements.

For more information about Innovative Energy or reflective insulation products, call 800-776-3645 or visit

Innovative Energy employees embrace the spirit of giving

Innovative Energy employees begin to gather for their annual Christmas party. The employees raised more than $600 for a local family in need through a silent auction and donations.

The employees of Innovative Energy came together last week to raise more than $600 for a local family in need. Everyone from the production workers and office staff to the executive directors and the company’s president took part in a silent auction and then donated additional funds during the company’s Christmas party.

With the help of Lowell town officials, employees learned of a local family struggling to endure through financial hardships and the unexpected loss of the children’s mother. The funds will be used to provide Christmas gifts for the family, with the children’s primary request being for clothing. The silent auction raised $381, to which company employees added an additional $250 in personal donations.

This was the first time Innovative Energy conducted a fund-raising silent auction as part of its company Christmas party, but everyone was very pleased with the end result. The company plans to make this an annual event.

“This was more than just a company donation, it was kindhearted people coming together to help a neighbor,” Carl Kurek, an employee of Innovative Energy, said. “Everyone just really felt for this family and was happy, more than happy, to be able to offer them some assistance.”

Innovative Energy has been cemented in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area since the company was formed in 1980. Its headquarters have been located in Lowell, Ind. since 1995. >From reflective insulation and radiant barriers to temperature-sensitive packaging, the company has been a leader in developing energy-conserving products through reflective technology. For more information about Innovative Energy, click here.

If you would like to help a needy family in your area this holiday season, contact your local town or city hall.

Home Insulation Kits talks reflective insulation and radiant barriers

Jim Kouns of Home Insulation Kits speaks about reflective insulation and radiant barriers at the NWI Green Building Alliance seminar.

Late last week, the Northwest Indiana Green Building Alliance held a free seminar highlighting HVAC systems and radiant barriers, as well as renewable energy options. At the seminar, Jim Kouns of Home Insulation Kits gave a presentation that focused on the applications and efficiencies of reflective insulation and radiant barriers.

Kouns cited a chart depicting energy consumption in residential buildings created by the Department of Energy. He then went on to discuss how reflective insulation and radiant barriers can help control radiant heat loss or gain in numerous residential applications. The applications Kouns touched on most were basement ceilings, HVAC duct work, garage doors, hot water heaters and crawlspaces. To learn more about using reflective insulation and radiant barriers in residential buildings, click here.

Kouns was well received by the audience and answered questions throughout his presentation from intrigued members of the crowd; nearly all of whom stopped at his display table to gather more information before leaving the event.

Home Insulation Kits, owned and operated by the Kouns family since 2009, is a distributor of Innovative Energy’s residential building insulation products. For more information, contact Home Insulation Kits at 219-508-3377, or stay connected with them on Facebook.