Toxic chemicals in child car seats – Reflective insulation product can help reduce exposure

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A child’s car seat, a device intended to protect children, may actually put them at risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals. The Ecology Center, a nonprofit consumer environmental organization, released a study last year which found that over half of 2011 child car seats contained at least one dangerous chemical.

The Ecology Center tested more than 150, 2011-model car seats for bromine, chlorine, lead and other harmful chemicals that have been linked to allergies, birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity, and cancer. laid out the details of the research released by the Ecology Center in this media release (scroll about halfway down). CBS News and MSN have also reported on the hazardous chemicals found in child car seats.

The Ecology Center also discovered that heat and UV-ray exposure in cars can accelerate the breakdown of these dangerous chemicals and possibly increase their toxicity. After learning of this, Innovative Energy, a reflective insulation company located in Indiana, designed a product to fit over the car seat that will help reduce the transfer of radiant heat and prevent extreme temperature fluctuation.

The Car Seat Sun Shield fits over most car seats and protects them while not in use, then folds effortlessly into a compact size for easy storage. Another parent-friendly aspect of the product is that its lightweight design allows for easy handling by parents who – surprise – only have one free hand.

Here are some recommendations from the Ecology Center that will also help reduce your child’s exposure to harmful chemicals found in car seats:

• Don’t let infants nap in car seats and prolong chemical exposure;

• Vacuum vehicles frequently to remove dangerous chemical dust; and

• Keep car seats out of direct UV rays and heat

Innovative Energy has been a leader in developing energy-conserving products through reflective technology since 1980. From products for the building industry to materials for automotive, agricultural and packaging applications, the company offers the most complete line of reflective products.

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