Innovative Energy Inc. launches e-Newsletter

Innovative Energy Launches eNewsletter
The newsletter features several exclusive sales.

We officially launched our monthly e-Newsletter today. Every issue will be filled with educational articles, downloadable guides and other materials, product-related videos and, of course, exclusive sales.

This inaugural issue features several exclusive sales as well as an article discussing the importance of reflective insulations and radiant barriers at a time when most of the country is suffering from record-breaking heat waves. The e-Newsletter also contains a free six-page guide for installing reflective insulation  as well as a video demonstrating the ability of R+HEATSHIELD radiant barrier  to reduce radiant heat transfer.

Innovative Energy offers the most complete line of reflective insulation products — from products for the building industry to materials for OEM and packaging applications. With a wealth of technical expertise, company representatives are always available to direct customers to the products that best fulfill their needs and requirements.

For more information about Innovative Energy or reflective insulation products, call 800-776-3645 or visit

Innovative Energy launches Arctic Package program for RV manufacturers

This hot box test demonstrates how the addition of R+HEATSHIELD radiant barrier enhances the ability of conventional mass insulation to reduce heat transfer.

Innovative Energy, Inc., an Indiana-based manufacturer of reflective insulation products, recently launched a program to support RV manufacturers who install its R+HEATSHIELD® radiant barrier in their RVs.

Arctic Package® is an example of a hybrid insulation system whereby the performance of conventional mass insulation used in RVs is enhanced by the addition of R+HEATSHIELD® radiant barrier. Innovative Energy plans to establish Arctic Package® as a feature RVers come to recognize as a symbol of energy efficiency and comfort in RVs, while also establishing it as a feature RV manufacturers recognize as marketable. The company will offer educational and promotional materials for manufacturers to pass along to consumers, and it will also conduct various efforts to build brand awareness among the RV community.

Above all, Innovative Energy will help RV manufacturers relay to their customers the benefits of having their RV outfitted with the Arctic Package®. With this program, consumers will understand exactly what they’re getting when they see a RV outfitted with the Arctic Package® – increased thermal protection that is going to help keep them more comfortable in extreme hot and cold climates, and save them money on their heating and cooling costs.

“We’ve already received positive feedback from the RV manufacturers that we’ve presented this program to. As we move forward with the launching of the Arctic Package® program, we expect support from manufactures and consumers to increase,” said Eric Baker, executive director of RV and technical for Innovative Energy.

To learn more about the Arctic Package®, contact Innovative Energy at 800-776-3645, or visit­­­.

Toxic chemicals in child car seats – Reflective insulation product can help reduce exposure

Car Seat Insulation
Car Seat Sun Shield

A child’s car seat, a device intended to protect children, may actually put them at risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals. The Ecology Center, a nonprofit consumer environmental organization, released a study last year which found that over half of 2011 child car seats contained at least one dangerous chemical.

The Ecology Center tested more than 150, 2011-model car seats for bromine, chlorine, lead and other harmful chemicals that have been linked to allergies, birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity, and cancer. laid out the details of the research released by the Ecology Center in this media release (scroll about halfway down). CBS News and MSN have also reported on the hazardous chemicals found in child car seats.

The Ecology Center also discovered that heat and UV-ray exposure in cars can accelerate the breakdown of these dangerous chemicals and possibly increase their toxicity. After learning of this, Innovative Energy, a reflective insulation company located in Indiana, designed a product to fit over the car seat that will help reduce the transfer of radiant heat and prevent extreme temperature fluctuation.

The Car Seat Sun Shield fits over most car seats and protects them while not in use, then folds effortlessly into a compact size for easy storage. Another parent-friendly aspect of the product is that its lightweight design allows for easy handling by parents who – surprise – only have one free hand.

Here are some recommendations from the Ecology Center that will also help reduce your child’s exposure to harmful chemicals found in car seats:

• Don’t let infants nap in car seats and prolong chemical exposure;

• Vacuum vehicles frequently to remove dangerous chemical dust; and

• Keep car seats out of direct UV rays and heat

Innovative Energy has been a leader in developing energy-conserving products through reflective technology since 1980. From products for the building industry to materials for automotive, agricultural and packaging applications, the company offers the most complete line of reflective products.

For more information about Innovative Energy or the Car Seat Sun Shield, call 800-776-3645 or visit

Innovative Energy to show off insulated packaging products at Sweets & Snacks Expo


The 2012 Sweets & Snacks Expo takes place in Chicago May 8-10

Innovative Energy will occupy booth No. 287 at the Sweets & Snacks Expo being held at McCormick Place in Chicago May 8-10. A variety of Innovative Energy’s InsulTote(R) line of insulated packaging products will be on display including insulated box liners, pouches and boxes. Samples of these items as well as product brochures will also be available. This year’s Sweets & Snack Expo is expected to be the largest ever, with some 540 companies exhibiting and a total attendance of over 14,000 industry professionals anticipated.

Innovative Energy products are made with a reflective surface which reduces heat loss or gain helping keep your items at a more desirable temperature. Representatives will be on hand to inform attendees about the benefits of reflective insulation and answer questions. For more information on the Sweets & Snacks Expo, visit For more information about Innovative Energy’s insulated packaging products, visit or call 800-776-3645.