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Pole Barn

Helps Maintain Proper Internal Temperatures

Innovative Energy's (I.E.) reflective insulation and radiant barrier products provide outstanding temperature and moisture control in agricultural buildings, including pole barn, metal and post-frame construction.

Our unique metalized aluminum film reflects (blocks) 95 percent of radiant heat transfer, so agricultural buildings stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Fiberglass, cellulose and foam insulations absorb heat. When these materials absorb heat, they merely slow down its transfer. To improve the performance of an insulation system in a pole barn or other agricultural building, reflective insulation or radiant barrier materials should be installed.

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Our leading Pole Barn reflective insulation products - AstroShield, Astro-Armour, and R+HEATSHIELD - reduce radiant heat transfer, provide energy cost savings and improve interior comfort, increasingly important features for agricultural buildings. Good Pole Barn insulation is crucial for boarding livestock. Animals housed in agricultural buildings are subject to harmful stress when internal building temperatures are uncomfortable; Innovative Energy's cost-efficient reflective insulation products help maintain proper internal temperatures. With I.E.'s reflective insulation products installed, animal growth and food and water conversion rates can improve.

Reflective insulation and radiant barriers can be installed in new construction or retro-fit in an existing building.


Product Uses

Uses for Reflective Insulation & Radiant Barrier Products

  • Pole Barn and Metal Buliding Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Garage Door Insulation Kit
  • Basement Insulation
  • Foundation Insulation
  • Thermal Moisture Barrier Under Conrete
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Did You Know?

There's even a benefit to installing Tuff Stuff under an unheated slab -
it keeps the floors dry and will reduce heat transfer in conditioned buildings.

Installation Guide Instructions


Download our guidelines for installing reflective insulation

Agricultural Building Insulation

  1. Install AstroShield or R+HEATSHIELD products over purlins and girts to reduce condensation, prevent heat gain during summer months and reduce heat loss during winter months.
  2. Install AstroShield insulation products on the bottom of trusses or exposed ceilings to prevent heat build-up during the summer and reduce heating costs during the winter.
  3. Seal your ducts by wrapping them with AstroShield. You will minimize energy use by keeping the air flowing through the registers, not escaping into unwanted areas.
  4. Keep your building temperature more comfortable year-round by installing our Garage Door Insulation Kit on all your overhead doors.
  5. Use AstroShield insulation products on exterior walls in post-frame and pre-engineered metal buildings to cut energy costs, reduce condensation and prevent heat gain or loss.
  6. When planning a new building, be sure to have Tuff Stuff thermal moisture barrier installed under radiant-heated slabs to reduce heat loss, prevent ground moisture transfer and act as a radon gas barrier.
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Pole Barn Insulation Benefits

Benefits of Our Reflective Insulation Products:

  • Cut energy costs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve interior comfort
  • Reduce radiant heat transfer
  • Easy to install; no special handling or breathing protection required. A knife or razor blade and a staple gun are often all you need. Self-tapping screws will get the job done in metal buildings
  • Reduce (most often eliminate) condensation

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Although AstroShield products have UV and thermal blockers built in to the structures, the warranty does not cover installation in open or exposed applications such as lean-to's and open sided animal confinement buildings.

Applications where chemicals and off gassing products are present may void the warranty.

See full warranty details here.